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Kyte Global Story

Kyte Global are specialist suppliers to the Financial Services and Gaming Sector and are resellers of the world’s leading machine learning, artificial intelligence, fraud, risk, and compliance management solutions for the gaming, insurance, financial services, and blockchain sector.

Our Presence

Established in 2006, Kyte Global with clients in 65+ countries established itself as a unique company providing a one-stop-shop to information security and compliance requirements.

At Kyte Global, we attempt to add value in everything we do. Our services have evolved as a result of the growing needs of our clients. Regulations keep getting stricter, compliance requirements keep getting more onerous and clients find themselves spending more time addressing these issues than focusing on their business. At the same time, resources with the right knowledge and experience are hard to come by. Kyte Global tries to tackle this issue by providing a one-stop-shop with a wide range of essential services and solutions to the world’s leading Financial Institutions, Gaming Operators, Commercial Organisations, Government bodies and Regulators. Kyte Global understands that Compliance is an effective way of ensuring that requirements for controls are implemented.

Internally, Kyte Global is organised in teams, each dedicated to a specific service, usually revolving around a specific standard or regulation. These are PCI DSS, ISO27001, GDPR, Internal Audit, AML, Gaming, Penetration Testing, Incident Forensics and Response, Training etc. Each team is made up of trained professionals, all experts in their own field.

Through our partnership agreements, Kyte Global became a full solution provider helping customers obtain Gaming and Financial Institution licenses and meet and comply with various regulatory requirements and information security standards, such as PCI DSS, ISO27001, Gaming, GDPR, AML, SWIFT, along with leading edge solutions for Fraud Management, Log Management, as well as fully managed Security Operations Centre. We are proud to have a network of partners that can assist our clients, big or small, in virtually all the industries we operate in.

Kyte Global has extended its presence to various countries, including Ukraine, Singapore, and Ghana and the list of countries is expected to grow in the coming months. We do not let geography get in our way, as we try to bring people together wherever they are. Every day we make sure that we live up to our company values, Quality, Reliability and Customer Focus. We are passionate about what we do and committed to adding value to your company.


Where we came from

2006 - Kyte Consultants Ltd. Set Up

Kyte Consultants Ltd. was set up in Malta in 2006 with the vision of being the first company in Malta focused entirely on Information Systems Audit and Assurance, Compliance and IS Security Services.

2007 - Kyte Becomes a QSA company

Kyte is also one of the first validated Qualified Security Assessor Company in Malta to carry out PCI DSS assessments of merchants and service providers who process, transmit or store credit card data to ensure they comply with the Data Security Standards.

2009 - Kyte Obtains CSP License

Obtaining the CSP license, through its sister company, was a critical step for Kyte Global. This entailed meeting the regulatory standards and demonstrating compliance with AML and KYC regulations.

2012 - Kyte Opens Ukraine Office

In 2012, Kyte Global embarked on a growth strategy to expand its global footprint. One key milestone in this strategy was the decision to open an office in Ukraine. The move was driven by several factors, including the country’s emerging market potential, a hub for tech talent and a strategic location in Eastern Europe. The decision to open an office in Ukraine was a strategic move to tap into this talent pool and to leverage the country’s growing IT industry. The company began the process by hiring local professionals including business development executives and auditors. The Ukrainian team worked on various projects and collaborated closely with colleagues and partners.

2016 - Kyte Celebrates 10 Years

Kyte Global celebrated a significant 10 year milestone, marking a decade of excellence as a leading information security and compliance company. Over the first decade, the company consistently demonstrated its commitment to safeguarding data and ensuring regulatory compliance for clients across various industries. With a decade of experience under its belt, Kyte Global was at the forefront of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, providing innovative solutions and expertise to protect businesses from threats and vulnerabilities. This anniversary signified a remarkable journey of growth, trust, and dedication to maintaining the highest standards in information security and compliance.

2017 - Kyte Global moves to new offices

In 2017, Kyte Global embarked on an exciting chapter in its journey by moving to new offices. This strategic relocation symbolized the company’s commitment to growth and innovation, providing a modern and inspiring workspace for its dedicated team. The new offices served as a testament to Kyte Global’s ongoing dedication to staying at the forefront of the information security and compliance industry, providing a dynamic and inspiring setting for its mission to thrive and evolve.

2018 - Kyte Global registers clients from 50 countries

In 2018, Kyte Global achieved a remarkable milestone by registering clients from 50 different countries. This global reach underscored the company’s growing reputation as a trusted partner in the field of information security and compliance on an global scale. Kyte Global’s ability to serve clients from such diverse backgrounds and locations highlighted its adaptability and commitment to providing top-tier solutions tailored to the unique needs of companies worldwide.

2019 - Kyte Global renews its accreditation form

Kyte Global is accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority to review the operations of remote gaming operators for the purposes of being granted a full remote gaming license. This renewal represented the company’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards in information security and compliance.


We provide information security and compliance services to regulated entities and entities reliant on technology. Kyte Global’s holistic and focused offering to its clients showcases it’s expertise and knowledge and positions Kyte as a trusted and reliable partner.


We aim to be the partner of choice for compliance and information security needs, globally.


  • Quality – We add value by consistently delivering a high standard of service to clients backed by our knowledge and expertise.
  • Reliability – We aim to be trusted and dependable partners, always there to support our client’s current needs while anticipating their future requirements.
  • Customer Focus – Our services are designed around the needs of the client and our delivery ensures that the client always comes first.

Meet the Team
The People Driving our Mission

Trevor Axiak
Rafa Polikowski
Commercial Manager
Vivian Duff
Key Account Manager
Desiree Marie Cassar
Marketing Manager
Kevin Campbell
Head of Audit
Erim Bilgin
Head of Penetration Testing
Karishma Abeeluck
Senior Finance Executive
Alexandra Simoes
Gaming Consultant

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