Internal Audit


The Internal Audit course equips professionals with skills for effective audits, covering risk assessment, control evaluation, and compliance monitoring. Participants learn to identify weaknesses, assess operational efficiencies, and provide valuable recommendations for organizational improvement, enhancing overall effectiveness and risk management.

The Internal Audit course is designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform effective internal audits within organizations. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles, methodologies, and best practices of internal auditing, including risk assessment, control evaluation, and compliance monitoring. Through interactive modules and real-world case studies, participants will develop the ability to identify weaknesses in internal controls, evaluate operational efficiencies, and provide valuable recommendations for improvement. By completing this course, individuals will be equipped to contribute to the overall effectiveness and integrity of internal audit functions, ensuring organizational compliance, and enhancing risk management processes.

Chapter 1 - Impairment to Independence and Objectivity

The “Internal Audit: Impairment to Independence and Objectivity” chapter explores the factors that can compromise the independence and objectivity of internal auditors, providing insights and strategies to maintain these essential qualities in order to ensure the effectiveness and credibility of internal audit functions.

Chapter 2 - Outsourcing Considerations

The “Internal Audit Outsourcing Considerations” chapter examines the key factors and considerations involved in outsourcing internal audit functions, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to assess risks, establish effective controls, and make informed decisions when considering or managing the outsourcing of internal audit activities.

Chapter 3 - Stages of IA Engagements

The “Stages of Internal Audit Engagements” chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the different stages involved in conducting internal audit engagements, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to plan, execute, and report on internal audits effectively.


The assessment section allows participants to test their understanding and knowledge through interactive quizzes and practical exercises, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the course material and facilitating their learning journey.


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