Security Awareness


The "Security Awareness - Fundamentals" course introduces participants to cybersecurity principles, emphasizing common threats, information safeguarding best practices, and the promotion of a security culture. Individuals gain skills to identify risks and contribute actively to a secure digital environment.

The “Security Awareness – Fundamentals” course serves as a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles of security awareness. Participants will gain a solid understanding of the importance of cybersecurity, common threats and vulnerabilities, best practices for safeguarding sensitive information, and the role they play in maintaining a secure environment. Through engaging modules and practical examples, participants will learn how to identify potential risks, secure their digital assets, and promote a culture of security within their organization. By completing this course, individuals will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to actively contribute to a more secure and resilient digital landscape.

Chapter 1 - Passwords

This chapter provides practical guidance and best practices for creating strong, unique passwords and managing them securely, empowering participants to enhance their password security and protect their digital assets.

Chapter 2 - Email Security and Phishing

This chapter equips participants with the knowledge and skills to identify and mitigate email-related security risks, including phishing attacks, enabling them to protect themselves and their organizations against email-based threats.

Chapter 3 - Social Engineering

This explores the tactics used in social engineering attacks and provides participants with the knowledge and skills to recognize and defend against such manipulative techniques, ensuring heightened security awareness in their personal and professional lives.

Chapter 4 - Mobile Security

This chapter educates participants on best practices for securing mobile devices, recognizing common mobile threats, and implementing effective security measures to safeguard personal and organizational data in the mobile environment.


The assessment section allows participants to test their understanding and knowledge through interactive quizzes and practical exercises, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the course material and facilitating their learning journey.


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