Blockchain / DLT

Blockchain / DLT

Origins and use

Built on a very mysterious origination in 2008, with a still disguised creator, Blockchain represents today together with other distributed ledger technologies a very promising asset for the coming times of any business.

Our approach

With a very enthusiastic department dedicated to research and study of the ongoing changes applied to the newly published law, we are ready to offer a range of services following very high excellence quality standards.

We accept the challenge to refine the future by supporting and offering our services to a wide range of clients at international level. We are thrilled to constantly receive queries from clients who plan to use a decentralized ledger technology in various fields, and we are happy to identify impressive benefits which are brought by this revolutionary technology.

We oriented our attention towards Blockchain Technology since years and we actively participated in defining the current Regulations of Malta Digital Innovation Authority by sharing our opinions, visions and potential applicability over the Consultations released in the past 1 year.



Q:Is DLT guaranteeing the security of my data?

Blockchain is an anti-tamper solution that can help data-sensitive information to be protected. This means that blockchain can be useful to both cybersecurity and digital protection. Other key features of blockchain that helps it to provide value to digital protection and cybersecurity are transparency, integrity, and a decentralized approach. Cryptography is also used in blockchain which also protects data and improves cybersecurity.

Q:Cryptohraphy is an important practice in achieving data confidentiality and security, but is not infallible, what makes today blockchain technology trustworthy?

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network that has its consensus algorithm. The main reason behind its trustworthiness is how it stores and deal with data. It uses cryptographic algorithms to ensure that the date is protected against any third party malicious actor. This means only the entity that owns the data will be able to access it. Also, the data stores in the blockchain can be traced anytime which brings in transparency. One more thing that makes blockchain trustworthy is the data integrity feature. With this feature, data cannot be changed after it is written.