Kyte Global Flies to London Tech Week:
A Week of Tech, Trends, and Connections!

Kyte Global attended London Tech Week, showcasing their information security expertise and forging valuable connections with industry leaders and potential partners. The event provided insights into cutting-edge tech and fueled their excitement for future collaborations.

Posted on: Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

The Kyte Global team recently returned from a whirlwind trip to London Tech Week, held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre. Partnering with the inMalta brand by, Rafa Polikowski, our Commercial Manager, and Desiree Marie Cassar, our Marketing Manager, immersed themselves in the heart of the London tech scene for three incredible days.

The event was a treasure trove of cutting-edge technology, innovative businesses, and the latest industry trends. We spent our days exploring the energetic exhibition space, absorbing insights and staying ahead of the curve. The diverse range of exhibits showcased the forefront of technological advancements, from AI and machine learning to cybersecurity and fintech. Engaging with these innovations not only broadened our understanding but also highlighted potential avenues for integrating new technologies into our services.

Connecting with the Tech Community

A major highlight of the trip was the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people. We met with existing clients, fostering stronger relationships, and also encountered potential partners. These connections are incredibly exciting, and we’re looking forward to bringing them to fruition in the coming weeks – stay tuned for updates!

Showcasing Our Expertise

Our expertise in PCI DSS, penetration testing, ISO 27001, DORA, SOC 2, and a range of other standards and regulations shone through. We were able to demonstrate how Kyte Global serves as a one stop shop for information security needs. Engaging discussions with industry leaders and potential clients allowed us to highlight the importance of robust security measures in today’s digital landscape and how our services can help businesses achieve compliance and safeguard their data.

Networking Under the London Eye

The event truly came alive during a networking event held in the evening at an iconic location, ‘Between the Bridges’ – nestled between the iconic bridges beneath the majestic London Eye. This stunning setting provided the perfect backdrop for building connections and forging new relationships within the tech community. The lively atmosphere fostered engaging conversations and the exchange of innovative ideas.

London Tech Week was an amazing experience for the Kyte Global team. The combination of cutting-edge tech, insightful discussions, and valuable connections has left us feeling energized and inspired. The event not only reinforced our position in the tech community but also opened up new possibilities for collaboration and growth. We’re looking forward to the next opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vibrant world of tech innovation!

This trip was more than just a visit to a tech exhibition; it was an opportunity to position Kyte Global at the forefront of technological advancements and to strengthen our network within the industry. The insights gained and connections made during London Tech Week will undoubtedly propel us towards future successes.


Raising standards since 2006.

Kyte Global, with clients in over 65 countries has established itself as a unique company providing a one-stop-shop to all your information security and compliance requirements.

At Kyte Global we attempt to add value in everything we do. Our services have evolved as a result of the growing needs of our clients. Regulations keep getting stricter, compliance requirements keep getting more onerous and clients find themselves spending more time addressing these issues rather than focusing on their business. At the same time, resources with the right knowledge and experience are hard to come by. Kyte Global tries to tackle these issues by providing a one stop shop to all the client’s needs. Kyte Global understands that Compliance is an effective way of ensuring that controls are implemented.

Internally, Kyte Global is organised in teams, each dedicated to a specific service, usually revolving around a specific standard or regulation. Some of these are PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, Internal Audit, AML, Gaming, Penetration Testing, Training to name a few. Each team is made up of trained professionals, all experts in their own field.

Over the years, Kyte Global has established partnerships with suppliers that develop and implement industry leading solutions so that it can make recommendations to clients who require such services or products. Kyte is proud to have a network of partners that can assist its clients, big or small, in virtually all of the industries it operates in.


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