Magazine Compliance Matters - Issue No. 2

July 2020
What's inside?
  • Editorial. Compliance with People’s Expectations 4
  • Developing an Effective Governance Self-Assessment Instrument 6
  • Business Continuity during COVID-19. It’s Business but not as Usual. By Western Union Business Solutions 18
  • Let Us not Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg. By KSi Malta 22
  • Zero trust Security. By Kyte Global 26
  • Security is not Compliance. Reasons why SMEs must Remember Cybersecurity. By Responsible Cyber 30
  • What is adverse media screening? By Acuris Risk Intelligence 34
  • New Regulatory requirements in Germany. How to seize the opportunities. By Crif Burgel 38
  • Safer Gambling Standard. Social Responsibility Accreditation for the Gambling Industry. By GamCare 42
  • Internal Audit. Outsourcing, In-house or Co-sourcing? By Kyte Global 46
  • Regulation. A Blessing in Disguise. By Betsson Group 50
  • BREXIT and GDPR. By Kyte Global 54
  • The Evolution of Compliance through Digital Transformation. By 58
  • A Delicate Balancing Act. By Gamesys Group 66
  • Tax Compliance vs Banking Compliance. Ethical or Cost Issues? By PSP Angels 68
  • Investing in a Compliance Management System. By Kindred Group 76
  • Interview with Sam Gomersall. With Pinnacle 80
  • Interview with Brandon Debbatista. By Malta Gaming Authority 84
  • A Review of Enterprise Information Security Architectures and Frameworks from Auditing Perspective. By Kyte Global 88
  • Third Leg of the Stool. The often overlooked third leg of the security strategy stool: Culture! By CIM GLOBAL Solutions 94
  • Human Expert-like Player Profiling & Monitoring 24-1-365 for real KYC. By Mindway AI 96
  • Compliance during Coronavirus. Keep Calm and Carry On. By WebShield 100
  • Cyber Security-debunking. The Four Most Common Fileless Attack Myths. By VMRay 108
  • Suspicious Transaction Reports in the Gaming Industry. By FIAU 112