New Branding for Kyte Consultants

Kyte is commemorating a decade of success in iGaming, IT auditing, PCI compliance, Fraud Management, and ICT risk assurance. In 2016, the company implemented a growth strategy, establishing an office in Ukraine, relocating to a larger office in Birkirkara, and expanding its team. With specialized auditors and consultants, Kyte now serves clients in 32 countries.

Posted on: Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Kyte is celebrating 10 positive and eventful years and marking its contribution to iGaming, IT auditing, PCI compliance, Fraud Management and overall ICT risk assurance.

In 2016, Kyte initiated a growth strategy and opened an office in Ukraine, moved offices from Mosta to a larger office in Birkirkara and hired additional specialised auditors and consultants, along with an experienced business development manager.  Kyte is now providing services to clients in 32 countries and looks forward to further business expansion in the years ahead. Today, Kyte launches its new logo and re-branded website which is designed to enhance the brand and become synonymous with Kyte’s areas of specialisation.

Raising standards since 2006.

Kyte Global, with clients in over 65 countries has established itself as a unique company providing a one-stop-shop to all your information security and compliance requirements.

At Kyte Global we attempt to add value in everything we do. Our services have evolved as a result of the growing needs of our clients. Regulations keep getting stricter, compliance requirements keep getting more onerous and clients find themselves spending more time addressing these issues rather than focusing on their business. At the same time, resources with the right knowledge and experience are hard to come by. Kyte Global tries to tackle these issues by providing a one stop shop to all the client’s needs. Kyte Global understands that Compliance is an effective way of ensuring that controls are implemented.

Internally, Kyte Global is organised in teams, each dedicated to a specific service, usually revolving around a specific standard or regulation. Some of these are PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, Internal Audit, AML, Gaming, Penetration Testing, Training to name a few. Each team is made up of trained professionals, all experts in their own field.

Over the years, Kyte Global has established partnerships with suppliers that develop and implement industry leading solutions so that it can make recommendations to clients who require such services or products. Kyte is proud to have a network of partners that can assist its clients, big or small, in virtually all of the industries it operates in.