Gaming - Africa

Gaming - Africa

It is no secret that the online gambling industry has seen an unprecedented growth globally in the past 15 years and more recently in mobile gambling. Its enormous footprint world-wide and its new key players are there for all to see; from online gaming giants to superstar jurisdictions such as Malta.

It is also evident that the competition for market share in Europe and the traditional markets has reached breaking point and margins are shrinking as regulatory requirements and gaming taxes are eating up large chunks of the revenues. Start ups and SMEs are finding it hard to achieve growth in these market conditions.

In an ever-changing global economy, an entrepreneur must always look ahead for new opportunities and market expansion. In this quest we believe that Africa poses a very serious contender for iGaming offering excellent opportunities to interested parties.

Why Africa

Africa as a continent, is home to more than 1.3 billion people accounting roughly for 17% of the earth’s population. The continent’s GDP is 2.2 trillion dollars with an annual growth of 3.7%, while the median age is 20 years. Furthermore, more than 50% of the population lives in urban environment.

Adding to the picture that the continent is quickly changing face with its ever-evolving development in all sectors we can easily understand that there is a lot of potential in many business areas; and the online gambling and entertainment industry is no exception. Having such a young population is a solid indicator that the future will be digital.

Moreover, the African continent has practically skipped the PC generation and gone straight to mobile connectivity, this gives an operator market reach that was not possible a few years ago.

Current situation

Online gambling is a relatively new concept in African countries and as such many opportunities are still unexplored, offering staggering growth opportunities to insightful new entrants.

Of course, while huge potential exists one should always be aware in avoiding the pitfalls of entering a new untapped and relatively unknown market.

Knowledge of local cultures and legislation in combination with a solid network of seasoned professionals active in the continent is a key factor to success.

Why Kyte

Kyte as a pioneer consulting firm in the online gaming sector is perfectly positioned to assist any interested party in exploring opportunities in Africa. Through our extensive network of partners in many African countries, Kyte can offer you assistance in licensing and operations for online and land-based projects. From strategy, to licensing and operations and specifically designed casino slot machines.

The jurisdictions that we can cover include:

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