Fraud Management

Fraud Management

Fraud, Compliance & Risk Management Solutions

Kyte is a reseller of the world’s leading machine learning, artificial intelligence, fraud, risk and compliance management solutions for the gaming, insurance, financial services and blockchain sector.

Kyte offers a combination of consultancy services and automated solutions to:

  • Stop new fraud attacks as they occur
  • Detect financial crime
  • Comply with regulations and licensing requirements
  • Improve customer experience
  • Monitor activity across any product or channel
  • Protect customers while maximising business growth

The solutions allow you to;

  • Monitor individual customer behaviour across a variety of platforms and transactional data .
  • Increase customer acceptance by accurately understanding legitimate customer behaviour on an individual basis.
  • Spot and block new fraud attacks by detecting anomalies in behaviour.

Our clients who have used these solutions have experienced an increase in ecommerce fraud detection, a decrease in false-positive rates and increase in overall fraud detection.

Please contact Kyte to discuss your specific requirements in more detail or to learn more about our solutions and services.


Q:As a company, do you need to perform a Risk Assessment on your clients?

A risk assessment is recommended by most information security standards and mandated as a requirement by several regulators. Kyte can assist you in performing a Risk Assessment that will meet industry “best practice” requirements.

Q:Do you have multiple systems and channels for payment acceptance that need to be monitored?

Kyte can provide you with a range of solutions and services that will reduce the burden of monitoring volumes of data can generate instant reports to assist you in managing your business and reduce resources required.

Q:Are you suffering from account takeovers and fraud issues?

Our solutions and services can greatly reduce the impact of fraud on your business.