At Kyte we try to add value in everything we do. Sometimes its easy to pin point a problem but not so straight forward to identify a solution. Often, even during our own audits and assessments, we identify weaknesses or areas of non compliance and then expect clients to remediate or resolve the gaps within a specific timeframe. Over the years, we have established partnerships with suppliers that develop and implement industry leading solutions so that we can make recommendations to our clients that require such services or products. We are proud to have a network of partners that can assist our clients, big or small, in virtually all of the industries we operate in.


Tokenization is the process of removing sensitive data from your business systems by replacing it with an undecipherable token and…
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Payments and Banking

Kyte has been working in the payments industry for a number of years and through several relationships we have built…
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Kyte can provide you with all the consultancy and referrals to services needed to meet your AML/KYC obligations.
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Fraud Management

Kyte is a reseller of the world’s leading machine learning, artificial intelligence, fraud, risk and compliance management solutions for the…
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SOC/Log Management

Logging (Audit Trails) continue to be the single most valuable tool for IT Security professionals in combatting security threats. Despite…
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