'Splunk Secrets to Detect Attackers'

Kyte, in collaboration with UnderDefense, conducted a practical workshop during the Malta Blockchain Summit Week to educate IT and Security Managers about the capabilities of log management and Security Operations Centre (SOC) tools. The workshop, designed for various sectors including gaming, finance, telecom, and blockchain, explored the use of Splunk as a log management tool and its features for breach reduction.

Posted on: Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

IT and Security Managers learn about power and opportunities of log management and Security Operations Centre (SOC) tool

Kyte in partnership with UnderDefense held a practical workshop on 30th October 2018 as part of the Malta Blockchain Summit Week. The presenters from UnderDefense are exceptional cybersecurity professionals with years of experience in both offensive and defensive security. They are outstanding ethical hackers and proud winners of SecOps Europe Competition 2018 for Incident Detection and Response professionals. This workshop was developed for IT managers, Security specialists and Developers from the gaming sector, financial institutions, payment services, telco operators and companies involved in teh blockchain and crypto currency sector.

Kyte invited companies to learn concepts of Incident Response using the power of Splunk as a log management tool and all its features for breach reduction. Guests had the opportunity to discuss some of advanced features of Splunk that can be used to implement a Security Operation Center (SOC). As this was an interactive event, the attendees were given a practical assignment of their own organization discovering malicious activity on a sandbox environment. All attendees could get their hands dirty and explore the features on a Splunk environment. One of the participants, Adrien Lafevre, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at the Multi Group, commented “It is a very powerful analytics tool if you have a large amount of data to analyze. Splunk provides accurate and real-time analysis of data through its dashboard. But even if you not quite a technical person but are willing to learn Splunk before using it, I will happily recommend it for your organisation. Thanks to the workshop, many technical details became easier and clearer to every participant. Especially, I would like to thank Nazar and Danial for the practical way that we received some very useful tips about the daily life of a CyberSecurity Analyst. I think Splunk makes a lot of sense for a company that is looking for a powerful log management tool. Splunk does an excellent job of letting you log various parameters across your environment and easily search and query for the said events.

In addition, Splunk is great for a 24/7 monitoring operations tool that can be set up to send alerts for production support and can be deployed as an outsourced solution / managed service, if required” Trevor Axiak, Director and co-Founder of Kyte, added “We were pleased to see among our guests so many high-level specialists from leading telecom companies, igaming and banking organizations. I hope that our event was helpful, informative and enjoyable for everyone. Kyte is planning to organize more similar workshops in the future and we will be delighted to host you again.” Kyte thanks the partner organization for their participation in the Workshop: UnderDefense UnderDefense is a specialist cybersecurity company with proven capabilities to deliver security services and experts “on demand” to cover both offensive and defensive security needs. UnderDefense is supporting businesses of different sizes and industries in 24/7 security monitoring and incident detection and response (with own in-house Security Operations Center), compliance audits, assessments, and penetration testing as well as bring ready security teams to companies’ doors. In this way, UnderDefense helps businesses to stay secure in the era of emerging cyber threats. UnderDefense uncovers gaps and remediates the security flaws, eliminates the pain of hunting for rare security expertise and allows businesses to scale and expand fast.

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At Kyte Global we attempt to add value in everything we do. Our services have evolved as a result of the growing needs of our clients. Regulations keep getting stricter, compliance requirements keep getting more onerous and clients find themselves spending more time addressing these issues rather than focusing on their business. At the same time, resources with the right knowledge and experience are hard to come by. Kyte Global tries to tackle these issues by providing a one stop shop to all the client’s needs. Kyte Global understands that Compliance is an effective way of ensuring that controls are implemented.

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Over the years, Kyte Global has established partnerships with suppliers that develop and implement industry leading solutions so that it can make recommendations to clients who require such services or products. Kyte is proud to have a network of partners that can assist its clients, big or small, in virtually all of the industries it operates in.